We leave nothing to chance and we’re happy when our buyers are happy. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with every one of our clients and pride ourselves on the way we conduct our process in a methodical, but personal way.

We follow a rigorous be spoke process to ensure that your experience with us is never a gamble. From your first interaction with us to your last, you’re supported every step of the way.



From start to finish, we take on the process with you as if it was our own. We find the best deals and ensure we are working hard for you.

Throughout the process (and post), we ensure constant communication with our clients, ensuring that a purchase as large as a property is as seamless as possible.

We let the property go, as we focus on the actual value rather than the emotional value. We focus on the house, so you can fall in love with the home.

There are multiple factors outside our control; however, our value proposition is such that we don’t shy away from any problems, no matter how small or big, and will work with you as a team.

About Us

Hi there! I am Prem Arcot, Owner and Director of PAVS Australia Pty Ltd. I have been purchasing investment properties all over Australia for over 15 years. I encountered several hurdles in my property journey as a buying client but also learnt about the Real Estate Industry whilst earning respect for generating high ROI in renovation, knock down and rebuilds as well as investments in small and large subdivision construction projects. Along this journey, I encountered an industry that is heavily mistrusted and disliked and made it my goal to change this perception by creating awareness and educating the community. After coming across many buyers disappointed with the service provided, I decided to become a Buyer Advocate myself with a genuine passion and eagerness for providing a good service with the sole aim of customer satisfaction that goes beyond the expected.

Over the years, I have developed an extensive understanding of the high growth areas we invest in. The connections I have developed with real estate professionals has become my eyes and ears out in the market.

You dream your property. And I’ll help make it a reality!